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DJ's & Artists # Atrium Resident DJ's & Guest Star Artists

Kid On Da TRackResident

Kid On Da Track is a promising young DJ, full of talent. Her energetic style is always geared towards efficiency. Her fans love her, and she loves them back !

Madness LawResident

The complet and all-round DJ by excellence ! With his extensive musical knowledge and experience, Madness is at home in all styles.


His musical eclecticism is matched only by his impressive technical level. Kyger knows his job like the back of his hand and masters the decks like no other.

PartyzzanSwitch Resident

Partyzzan is at the helm of the urban music mecca: the Switch. A specialist in the field, he never lets his track run dry!

DJ MBResident

DJ MB is an expert in African and Caribbean sounds. Dancehall, Afro, hip hop and urban oriented, he knows how to captivate crowds from all walks of life.