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Hysta :


Over the last few years, Hysta has gradually established herself as a rising star on the hard music scene.
The 24-year-old French prodigy is now unanimously recognized by her peers and praised by fans.
His boundless dedication to hardcore leads him to perform on the mainstages of huge events such as Masters of Hardcore, Dominator and Thunderdome.
Atrium and Turn Up Da Bass are extremely proud to welcome this iconic and talented artist.

Hysta's set will be supported by a rich and dense line-up of passionate DJs who will explore all styles of hard music: Jumpstyle, Hardstyle, Raw, Hardcore, Uptempo, etc.
Belgian MC MCL will enrich this entire intense event with his voice!

Line-up: Madness Law (Atrium) - Dek (Turn Up Da Bass) - Itek (Ravingz Bass) - HYSTA - Boomass (Prelud) - Art&Fact (Turn Up Da Bass) - Ømnı (Atrium).

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